Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Landscape

Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Landscape

Set up stump grinding services in Laurel & Billings, MT

You finally got rid of the scrawny, dying tree that was bringing down your property's curb appeal. Now, there's just one problem left: an ugly tree stump. Luckily, Melle's Tree Service handles stump removal work for homeowners and business owners in and around Laurel & Billings, MT.

We'll use powerful stump grinding equipment to completely remove the tree stump, roots and all. You can even use the leftover shavings as mulch.

Call 406-925-1456 now to schedule stump grinding services.

Know the dangers of leaving tree stumps behind

Sure, tree stumps are ugly, but did you know that they also pose a threat to your landscape? If you don’t schedule stump removal services, you could face…

  • Lawn pest invasions
  • Lawn disease
  • Toxic fungi growth

Tree stumps are also a tripping hazard. Contact us today to arrange for stump grinding services.